Spider-Man collection (2002-2019)




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A superhero film series based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. The series is centered on Peter Parker, an academically gifted but socially inept freelance photographer who gets bitten by a genetically modified spider and gains spider-like abilities, all of which he uses to fight crime as a spider-masked vigilante learning for himself that great power comes with great responsibility.


Spider-Man collection (2002-2019)
Spider-Man πρωταγωνιστές Στον Ρόλο..
Tobey Maguire Tobey Maguire Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Kirsten Dunst Kirsten Dunst Mary Jane Watson
Willem Dafoe Willem Dafoe Norman Osborn / Green Go
James Franco James Franco Harry Osborn
Thomas Haden Church Thomas Haden Church Flint Marko / Sandman
Alfred Molina Alfred Molina Dr. Otto Octavius / Doctor O
Tom Holland Tom Holland Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Robert Downey Jr. Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark / Iron Man
Andrew Garfield Andrew Garfield Peter Parker / Spider-Man
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